Most Sikhs left their homes in the 18th Century due to the constant attacks on them by the state. Some Sikhs, however, stayed on in their villages hoping nothing may happen to them.
Bhai Taru Singh a 26 year old handsome young Sikh from District Amritsar was one such person. He was a popular farmer who would readily help every needy person. Poor people of every religion would come to him for help. As and when possible, he would send food and other necessities to the Sikhs hiding in the forests near his village Poola.
Perhaps, following the state directives or to earn a pat on his back by the Mughal officials, Harbhagat Niranjania, a Hindu state official living nearby was very jealous of Bhai Taru Singh’s popularity. It looked like he was out to harm the Sikhs one way or the other. When he came to know that Bhai Taru Singh was helping the Sikhs in the forests, he decided he got a reason good enough to put an end to Bhai Taru Singh’s life and activities by reporting him to the Mughal authorities. He went to Zakria Khan, the Governor of Lahore and lodged a complaint accusing Bhai Taru Singh of supplying food and milk to the Rebel Sikhs.
Zakria Khan ordered Bhai Taru Singh to be arrested, chained and taken to Lahore where he would be subjected to inhuman torture and asked either to embrace Islam or get his hair cut. He was offered a luxurious and honorable life if he accepted their condition. He turned down the offer and refused to get his hair cut. “If he doesn’t accept our offer, scrape off his scalp”, yelled Zakria Khan to his men, trying to scare Bhai Taru Singh with the terrible pain and torture he will go through. Bhai Taru Singh nodded his head in a No and said, “I am fine as a Sikh”.
Bhai Taru Singh’s uncut hair together with the upper part of his head was mercilessly chiseled off. Bhai Taru Singh bore this terrible ordeal bravely and went on repeating ‘Waheguru’ till his soul flew from his body. This happened in 1745.
He taught us that we must live and die fearlessly as Sikhs with all our hair intact!

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